Quantel Medical and Ellex announce merger agreement

Quantel Medical and Ellex announce merger agreement

Quantel Medical and Ellex announce merger agreement

Quantel Medical announces a major step forward for Quantel Medical and the Lumibird group as merger discussions have been initiated with Ellex, Adelaide, Australia.

Fighting the major causes of blindness is the major goal of ophthalmic medical device companies and this is where Quantel Medical and Ellex share the same purpose and values and have an established heritage of reputation.

To successfully rise to this challenge, we will require a scaling of R&D capability as well as the ability to offer healthcare a greater range of solutions to these diseases and others, which are on the increase globally. There is a growing market need in existing territories as well as in developing countries.

To truly create a difference in the lives of as many people affected by laser solution eye diseases, it is vital for companies such as QM and Ellex to come together in order to reach a critical mass and make the most of their respective strengths; be that in diagnostic devices such as ultrasound or in treatments based on laser products.

The future success of the both companies depends on sharing R&D capability and manufacturing structures, on strengthening our approach to clinical research in order to meet the current and future needs of the ophthalmologists.

Additionally, Quantel Medical and Ellex have complementary strengths such as strong branded products and the know-how of the ophthalmic market. Coming together as one, enables to offer a broader range of products at all price points in order to better meet diverse client needs.

At the same time, we can offer clients a more holistic solution. Ellex being particularly strong in laser treatment for Glaucoma therapy and Quantel Medical having a greater influence for laser treatment in retinal disease and diagnosis solutions.

Ellex’s strength in market locations is matched and supported by Quantel Medical’s approach of a successful culture of distribution. Coming together will allow the two companies to effectively combine market presence and unite together in satisfying existing customer requirements and infrastructure in exploring new markets.

The vision it to become the world leader in ophthalmic ultrasound and laser technology solution to diagnosis and treat eye diseases.

Marc Le Flohic, Lumibird group’s CEO

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