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Placing our CSR policy at the heart of our strategy

At Lumibird Medical, we contribute to the ecological and social transition to support sustainable development through the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. As an integral part of our strategy, it helps us improve our operational and strategic decision-making processes.

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Its objective is clear: it is to strike a balance between environmental preservation, with a virtuous social model, and the economic performance essential to the company’s long-term survival.

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How do we go about this? By addressing four main challenges:

  • Supporting customers in the long term and sustaining our ecosystem by fostering responsible innovation
  • Retaining and motivating our employees and contributing to their growth around a virtuous strategy
  • Establishing strong and long-lasting partnerships with suppliers that share our values
  • Becoming a corporate citizen and a resolutely eco-friendly company

To achieve this, our CSR approach is based on 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations:

Provide all employees with occupational hygiene & safety conditions that promote their health and well-being

Ensure that all employees have equal access to high-quality training, and promote learning opportunities

Achieve gender equality



Optimize the water consumption of our industrial facilities

Use renewable energy on our various industrial and commercial sites

Contribute to shared and sustainable economic growth

Promote eco-design for responsible innovation

Ensure fairness between employees in the different countries where we operate

Develop sustainable production methods

Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

Promote actions for all employees to protect the planet

Fight all behaviors that are incompatible with our business ethics

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Supporting innovation, the cornerstone of our business

Innovation is a cornerstone of our development and is omnipresent in our operations. This crucial asset allows us to be agile when faced with changes in the sector and put forward proposals to provide healthcare professionals with ever more effective solutions. At Lumibird Medical, innovation is driven by a team of approximately 50 people – engineers, scientists, and experienced technicians – spread out across three sites in France, Slovenia, and Australia.

Within three laboratories specializing in ultrasound, optical/laser/imaging and electronic/mechanical solutions and benefiting from our software development expertise, the work of the entire R&D team focuses on two aspects:

  • Technological breakthroughs whose results are highlighted in scientific articles and international journals, give rise to several patent applications per year.
  • Product development, from the idea phase to the industrialization phase, to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients and provide physicians with more precise, high-resolution and ergonomic equipment. Several new Lumibird Medical products are placed on the market each year, at a particularly high pace.

In our group, innovation stems both from internal sources, where it arises from the ideas of employees from our various departments (Clinical Affairs, S&M, R&D, etc.), and from external contacts. As for open innovation, which we consider to be a powerful driver of value creation, it is based on our areas of application – via the university hospitals, doctors, clinics, and private practices with which we collaborate – and also on technology – through various partners such as CNRS, INSERM, university and start-ups. All of the above provide a breeding ground for innovation that is enhanced by constant monitoring and attendance at numerous medical conferences.

These bright ideas benefit from a large R&D budget and state-of-the-art equipment, with more than five years of project planning combined with a good share of flexibility.

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Promoting training

Given the Lumibird Medical Group’s exponential growth, and as part of our ongoing commitment to the regulatory compliance of medical devices, we created our own internal training center in June 2021. Nicknamed “The Train”, in reference to our international dimension and the notions of precision and a clear direction, the Lumibird Medical Experience Centre’s mission is to provide staff members, distributors and end users with the very best product training solutions.

To this end, two teams cover two
different areas of training:

Application training on the use of devices


Technical training on their installation and maintenance

These teams can intervene in various locations: directly at the head office in Cournon-d’Auvergne, which boasts dedicated spaces and equipment; on-site for our subsidiaries or certain distributors; or else via an exclusive expert video conferencing system.

This training system combines quality, organizational simplicity, responsiveness, and efficiency: for example, during its 1st year of implementation, in the midst of the health crisis, the number of training sessions carried out for our various audiences was increased three-fold.

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Ensuring compliance with the regulatory and quality requirements of the medical sector


As an international medical company, we are committed to developing and marketing products that meet stringent quality process and regulatory requirements in France and abroad. Behind the CE marking affixed to our entire collection and our ISO 13485 certification, a whole department works to guarantee the sustainability of our approach. 

Divided into several teams and supported by our international sites and our distributors, it monitors updates to global standards, sees that they are complied with so that products may be certified and registered, and anticipates future changes.

To ensure that we are capable of producing repeatable and perfectly safe equipment for physicians and patients, it also aims to enforce and continuously improve our quality processes. To do so, it provides our various departments with training courses, carries out analyses on specific topics, and learns from its interactions with other ecosystems such as hospitals, businesses and even associations.

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