CAPSULO: new ND:YAG laser by Lumibird Medical

CAPSULO: new ND:YAG laser by Lumibird Medical

CAPSULO: new ND:YAG laser by Lumibird Medical

Lumibird Medical today announced the Launch of its new Nd:YAG LASER: Capsulo®.
From the expertise of Quantel Medical, the Capsulo® Nd:YAG laser yields a fully integrated, easy to use and highly versatile laser platform, enabling efficient and accurate capsulotomy and iridotomy

Each year, ten million cataract surgeries are performed world-wide*. In the literature, the incidence of post-operative secondary cataract, varies anywhere between ten to fifty percent within three to five years.

It is clear the value of Nd:YAG laser treatment for secondary cataract remains undisputed; and with the redesign of Quantel Medical’s flagship Nd:YAG Laser, Lumibird Medical delivers Capsulo®; the next generation technology, continuing to support this important growing market need.

CAPSULO® is built with exclusive high-quality optics delivering pristine clarity of view into the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Advanced illumination with a variable-height light tower offers dual illumination angles of 16 and 7.5° for anterior and posterior laser applications.

The Capsulo® Nd:YAG laser can be paired with the Quantel Medical Vitra 2® MultiSpot photocoagulating laser, also from Lumibird Medical, combining pan-retinal photocoagulation functionality through a single slit lamp.

Capsulo®, when combined with the Vitra 2® photocoagulator, offers an ideal all-in one laser platform, and we are extremely proud to provide this highly versatile solution into the hands of discerning ophthalmologists.

Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical

*The world health report. Life in the 21st century: a vision for all. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1998:47

For more information about Capsulo®, visit our website for healthcare professionnals: 

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